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About Us

Sai Global Media is a Singapore based mobile app development company that specializes in designing and developing IOS and android apps. Our company cater to restaurants to create a digital ecosystem that is custom built to power a smoother restaurant management experience.

Sai Global Media offers customized solutions based on the expectations of the clients and the products will be delivered with high quality at cost effective rates and at specified times. We have the commitment, competitiveness and strong growth as the base so we provide varied improvements in the products and services.


Low Cost
RESTLink is flexible model and pricing plans are designed to fit every business.

Turn Key Solution
RESTLink is cloud-based POS system is a turn key solution for all your needs; Your only requirement is a intranet connection and our browser.

Franchise & Multi-branch Friendly
RESTLink loves to see your business grow! You can monitor and control all your branches and franchises with a single system.

Great For Business Owners
RESTLink is powerful and fast business sale analysis gives you rich reports and insights into all aspects of your business. With this analyse sales trends, monitor staff performance, be in control of the quality of your operations all from your smartphone from anywhere around the globe.

Easy & Reliable
RESTLink is designed to be used on desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones. Browse your menu categories, add items to the bill, and place an order with a just few clicks or taps. Or use the quick search feature to rapidly find menu items and add them to the order.

Status At A Glance
When the restaurant gets busy, RESTLink can help monitor the status at each table a glance. With a glance you can cater to all the customer’s needs.


Choose a package that fits your needs.

 Sai Global Media Pte Ltd

Basic Standard Pro

Customer Features

Text Menu
Table Booking
Guest Feedback
Web Site Link
Image Menu
Self Order
Multi Language Menu

Management Features

Menu Manager Panel
Admin Order Panel
Split Bill Support
Multi Paymode Support
Dine In Order Support
Take Away Order Support
Delivery Order Support
Member Card Support
Multi Discount Support
Waiter Order Panel
Cashier View Panel
Bill Viewer Panel
Owner Panel
Chef View Panel
Purchaser Panel
Stock Management Panel
Multi Cashier Support
Multi Kitchen Support


Sales Report
Cancel Report
Item Sales Report
Cancel Item Report
Discount Report
Payment Mode Report

Device Support

WiFi POS Printer
Cash Drawer Support
Kitchen Beep

Account Setup

Cloud Hosting System
Database Provisioning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Internet connectivity required?
Internet is not required. Our RESTLink system works on restaurant wifi network.
Is RESTLink system support Android as well as ipad?
Yes. It supports both.
Does the staff require any technical knowledge to use the RESTLink system?
RESTLink system is very simple to use. The graphic user interface is self explaining and no learning curve needed.
Is it possible to update menu graphic images myself?
Yes. It is absolutely simple. Sign in as manager mode and touch on the image to upload the required images and it will update automatically across all devices.
Do customers order directly from tablet or through waiter on their behalf of customer?
Customer can order directly or through waiter. It is also possible to order in combination of both. It is totally depends on restaurant the way operation is handled.
What should be the size of tablets that restaurants can use for RESTLink system?
RESTLink system supports all tablets regardless of their size. It depends on staff preferance based on device compactness and easier to carry around. In general 7 inch tablets are preferred to carry around for staffs and 10 inch tablets in dinning tables which gives customer better experience.
Is it possible to arrange a demo of your system?
Yes. It is possible. You can request through email. We will provide the link to download and test in your tablet.
Is there a standard price list for your system?
As every system is cutomized and designed as per restaurant requirements, the price various accordingly. We prefer to provide a quote based on your requirement through email.

Contact Us

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